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We specialise in Health Treatments and Healthy Food. We believe that all animals should be fed the best food possible to maintain their health and wellbeing. A well fed pet means less Vet bills in the future. We also believe that all animals should be mentally and physically stimulated. Happy Pets = Happy Owners.

We get such a buzz from helping our customers. Please don’t hesitate to call us or pop in to see us.

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  • Dog Food
  • Holistic Food
  • Healthy & Natural Treats
  • Homeopathic Treatments
  • Flea and Worming Treatments
  • Leads & Collars
  • Beds

and lots more…


  • Cat Food
  • Cat Litters
  • Cat Treats
  • Homeopathic Treatments
  • Flea & Worming Treatments
  • Collars & Harnesses
  • Beds & Caves

and lots more…


  • Rabbit Foods
  • Guinea Pig Foods
  • Hamster Foods
  • Ferret Foods
  • Dagu Foods
  • Mice & Rat Foods
  • Gerbil & Chinchilla Foods

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  • Reptile Food
  • Dry & Live Food & Frozen Food
  • Tank and Cage Enrichment Equipment
  • Lamps & Bulbs
  • Sand and Bedding

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  • Caged/Pet Birds
  • Parrot Food
  • Cockatiel Seed
  • Foreign Finch Seed
  • Budgie Seed

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  • Pond Fish Food
  • Fresh Water Fish Food
  • Tropical Fish Food
  • Holiday Food Blocks
  • Water Treatments

and lots more…

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Homeopathic Treatments by Phytopet





Phytopet products are totally Homeopathic treatments and are actually use human grade homeopathy.   We stock virtually the whole range and can even organise special mixing of products.   These products cover so many illnesses and give support to many animals and Birds.  Prices start as little as £3.99.   Jo here at the store used to work for Phytopet and all the staff have a huge experience of the product line and can  advice you on how to help you to help your pet.


Dog Food

We take Nutrition very seriously here at Pads & Paws and want the best for our Pets and yours.

We believe that good Pet Food Companies should state what meat is in their product and where it comes from.  You have heard the saying, “you are what you eat”  This applies to dog food too, in our opinion.  Good feeding means a healthy dog with a healthy digestive system.

A dog is far less likely to visit the Vets if fed a good diet.  Food doesn’t just effect dogs physically it also affects their mental behaviour.  If you feed a poor quality diet it shows in a dog in their behaviour or condition.

Dogs that are itchy, chewing at their feet, with bad breath, hot spots around the body are trying to tell their owners I need a change of diet!

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For all your pet foods needs.       Contact us on 01803 463356


Cat Food

We stock a really nice range of Cat food here at Pads & Paws.

Cats can be very fussy at times so it is great to get them onto a good nutritious food that they love.  Good protein is essential for cats and some inferior products do not have enough protein in them to sustain your cat.

The outcome to this is your cat walks around getting Cranky and meowing and demanding more food.  The owner keeps giving more food and the Cat expands.  This then = A very large Cranky Cat!

We can also help Customers who’s cats suffer from hairballs, Cystitis and urinary issues and behaviour problems.

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New Items In Store – An Absolute Must for the Summer

Cooling Coats for Dogs    Prices start from £21.00

When it is hot outside, Prestige Cool-Coats keep your dog cool and refreshed
for hours.

Prestige Cool-Coats are activated by water, they are light, cool and soft to the touch, making them luxurious and comfortable for your dog to wear.

The Cool-Coat will make your dog feel cool, not wet. You can test this by putting your hand beneath the dog’s coat and feeling how cool he feels compared to any part of his coat that is exposed to the sun or heat for a period of time.

As the heat of the day slowly evaporates the moisture from the Cool-Coat, this in turn draws the heat out of the dog’s body. Leaving him feeling far cooler than before.

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New Product In: Road Refresher Bowl ( As seen on Dragons Den)  Prices start at £9.99

What is the Road Refresher™ “Simple and ingenious” Pet Product News, August 2009

road-refresherThe Road Refresher is an ingenious non-spill pet bowl that eliminates spills and reduces your pet’s slobber by up to 90%. Ideal for the home and all forms of travel.

For The Home – Road Refresher stops spills from accidental kicks, this non spill pet travel bowl also keeps long ears and beards out of the water. The Road Refresher non spill pet travel bowl encourages tidy drinking as it limits the amount of water your dog can pick up at any one time. The clever design will keep long ears and beards out of the water. The Road Refresher reduces your pet’s slobber by 90%.

On The Move – Road Refresher non spill pet travel bowl can be filled with water and then safely left within a car so your pet has access to fresh water whenever he wants, yet none will spill. With The Road Refresher pet travel bowl your dog can arrive healthy and refreshed wherever you go.

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We’re here to help with all your pet’s needs

If you require any further information please feel free to pop in to the shop in Preston, Paignton or call us on 01803 463356.

small-furriesFeeding for Rabbits and Small Furries

Not only do we hold a big selection of natural Hay and Grasses, Timothy Hay and Mixed Grassed and Herbs for the animals.

We also carry a wide selection of Mixed foods and Non Selective foods.  Non selective foods are excellent value.  By feeding these, your pet is less fussy and eats all their food instead of just picking out the good bits.

You then know your pet is having a full and balanced diet.


We stock Food for Cold Water Fish and Tropical and Pond Fish.
Nets and Supplements and Ornaments.
Heaters and Water Clearing solutions and Holiday Blocks.

(We do not stock Live stock)

We do FREE DELIVERY over £10 spend in the local area, 7 Days a week.

Just simply call 01803 463356

For all your pet foods needs.       Contact us on 01803 463356

genconleadThe Amazing Gencon Lead

Does your dog pull? Gencons are one of the simplest and most effective head collars/lead available on the market. Gencons are gentle on the dog and very effective, which is proving popular with Pet Owners, Dog Kennels, Trainers, Behaviourists, Dog Clubs and Vets alike.

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birdsPet Birds

Whether it is pre packed Bird food you require or loose food. We have a great range. Some birds can be very fussy, especially parrots.

We particularly like the Versele Laga range. Pop in and see our fantastic range of toys and enrichment products.

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We stock, Poultry Corn, Layers Pellets and Chick Crumbs, and we can deliver to your door, in the local area. 7 days a week on sales over £10. So you don’t even have to carry a heavy sack. We also stock Homeopathic treatments. We have an amazing product for “egg Bound”. Its called “Balance” by Phytopet.

If you are unable to get into our shop for your chicken feed,
simply call us Tel: 01803 463356.

You can pay on card and we will deliver it to you free of Charge.